International Yoga day

International Yoga day

21 june 2015 from18 to 20e30 (by reservation).

in “La Vallesana” (Baone, Colli Euganei).

Dont call me this weekend

“Dontcallmethisweekend” to Pascelupo (Umbria)

From 2/10/2014 to 5/10/2014 by reservation.

Week end of yoga with macrobiotic kitchen class and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

How to choose a yoga mat.

eszendo_yoga_pick_a_matWhen you practice yoga on a good mat (yoga-mat), the quality of practice will be so different! And the only accessory that we use during the hours of practice weekly or daily, and we can consider it an investment: it should not hinder us, but should give us support for a correct practice.

One of the most important things to consider is the thickness, because especially in the practice of Ashtanga yoga is very solicit joints. The thickness must be sufficient to absorb the impact of knees and elbows in asanas and must have a good degree of absorption and traction sweat, so that your back, shoulders and knees can not scroll increasing effort to avoid slipping .

Maintaining the cleanliness of the mat will be crucial, because the sweat and transportation will be full of microbes, so we should try to do so frequently. So in choosing the yoga mat, we should ensure that resist to frequent washing and to stop us from slipping between asanas and another.

The price of a good mat can be very variable: we must consider that more hours of practice we perform, and we must have more of a yoga mat good quality! Most yoga practitioners extends care they have for themselves and their surroundings. There are yoga mats with environmental awareness available.

Finally to keep our mat in good condition we should also think about the transport it in a yoga-bag, suitable for measurement of our mat (see online shop).